Penny Irvine – Fibre Artist

Unique, Surprising and Powerful – One of a Kind Artwork

Penny Irvine – Fibre Artist

Unique, Surprising and Powerful – One of a Kind Artwork

Penny Irvine – Fibre Artist

Unique, Surprising and Powerful – One of a Kind Artwork

Penny Irvine – Fibre Artist

About me

Hi, I’m Penny Irvine, a fibre artist living in Thurso on Scotland’s rugged North coast. I am a member of the International Feltmakers Association and the Society of Caithness Artists.

I create paintings using the traditional techniques of wet felting, needle felting and raised and freehand embroidery. I also draw, paint and do digital art. I create powerful and contemporary art that draws you into the world of the painting and evokes an emotional connection with the subject.

I believe we need to move away from the elitism of the art world as many people see artists as unapproachable and fine art as unaffordable. In my opinion art should be accessible to everyone so I create original art to suit every budget. As part of my commitment to making art affordable for everyone I now have an option for you to pay for your artwork by installments. This option can be found on the Checkout page immediately after you enter your billing details. There is the option to pay interest free over 3 months or 6 months on orders over £50.

Please feel free to browse my website and if there is anything you would like to ask or if you would like to commission an artwork use the contact form at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



To find out more about me visit my About page.

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I have various item in my shop, original artworks, giclée prints, greetings cards and much more…..


Below is a very small selection of my work. My gallery showcases a larger selection including: my current work, my sold work and commissions.





Visit my exhibitions page to see more information about where I am exhibiting and also past exhibitions.


Learn more about the techniques I use to create my laid fibre and wet/needle felted artworks.


I take on a limited number of commissions each year. If you would like to discuss a commission please feel free contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Below are images of some of the commissions I have done.

Memories and Dreams – Laid Fibre Painting
The customer who commissioned this seascape asked me to use similar colours to another laid fibre painting I had done called Embrace of Thalassa.

Bringer of Light – Felt & Fibre Painting
The original photograph was taken by the customer. It is wet/needle felted with hand embroidery detail on the body. The wings are made from handmade silk paper that were then stitched to the piece.

Robin – Felt & Embroidery
This Robin was commissioned as a present for the customers Mother. It is mounted in an 8″ embroidery hoop.

Jabo – Felt & Fibre Painting
Jabo was a commissioned by a customer in France. He is the customers dog. It is a wet/needle felted piece. The leaves were hand embroidered using stump work embroidery and then stitched onto the piece.